About Kent Glesener

I was born and raised on an Iowa dairy farm, so I learned hard work from an early age. There were cattle and pigs to feed, cows to milk, and crops to harvest. Not only did I learn responsibility through this experience, but it also brought our family closer together and gave me a love of family and farming. Patriotism and love of country were infused in me through the Eagle Scout program, my father led for 25 years, and I am grateful to have had these valuable skills through many life situations.

After attending Iowa State University and earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering, I worked on dams, the Alaska pipeline, the Atigun Mountain Pass, plus managed and built many bridge and road building projects in several states over a 45 year career.

In 1988, I moved our family to Sapulpa, Oklahoma, built a home, and established our roots in this community, continuing to build bridges throughout Oklahoma and surrounding states. Since 1999, I have been running my own bridge-building company and realize more than ever to pray, serve the people, create teamwork, cast vision, and understand how every dollar spent matters to any entity’s success.

Humble Beginnings

Kent was born and raised on an Iowan dairy farm, raised live stock and crops as well. The family lived in a two story farm house without heat upstairs and without an indoor bathroom until Kent was 7.

At the age of 14, Kent’s father suffered an injury plus farm crop failure, Kent took over the job of feeding cattle, pigs, and milking cows with his Mother’s help, while he still juggled the responsibilities of school. This year long responsibility taught Kent valuable character traits of hard work, respect for life, and a love of family and farming.

Inspired by My Father

Kent’s father served as a scout master and gave positive mentorship to many young troubled boys, helping them to get on track for their future. During the 25 years of his leadership, Kent and his two younger brothers all became Eagle Scouts. Today, in Kent’s original hometown there is historical exhibit on his father’s life and his remarkable impact on the town.

College Years

Kent’s parents encouraged him to attend college to live a better life than they had achieved. Working on construction crews from the ages of 15 -18, Kent wanted to build dams, so he pursued a degree in Civil Engineering at Iowa State University. Kent was the first in his generational family to earn his degree, accomplished while working full time, hitch-hiking back and forth, and doing whatever it took to work through school. This accomplishment once again brought home to Kent the value of hard work, to count the cost with dedication, and practice persistence to finish the race.

Work Experience to Serve

Upon graduation, Kent took a job with a large company that built dams and highways all across the USA, including Alaska and some foreign countries. He started on a Dam in Iowa, but quickly transferred to Alaska, to help build the Trans-Alaska pipeline, a $10 billion project. Kent was sent to the Arctic Circle, and put in charge of a 200 man camp – a sink or swim training. He also helped build the pipeline including the Atigun Pass portion of the haul road and numerous bridges. During this time Kent also earned additional credits in graduate classes.

After working for an engineering company building power plants, two construction companies, and later, Kent became Executive Vice-President of one of the largest bridge building companies in a 10 state area, in control of all operations, bidding, costs, producing the most profitable years in the history of 75 year old company.

A Bridge Building Firm Created In 1999

Kent branched out on his own to start and build a company in 1999, alongside his wife, to help provide funds for missions and ministry. The firm continues today, ran by their son, a mechanical engineer, and continues profitability and growth every year as debt free company. As a member of ASCE – American Society of Civil Engineers, Kent received a lifetime achievement award.

Community Outreach

Kent and his wife Christie also founded a Humanitarian Aid and Education Non-profit in 1996, to aid, comfort and give hope to Jewish Holocaust survivors in Israel and Eastern Europe. They take teams and travel conducting Business Seminars, Men and Women’s Conferences, Speak into the Youth in Schools and help in feeding the hungry. They are expanding into building schools and ministry buildings here and other countries as well.

With knowledge that Prayer changes lives, Kent and Christie started a Faith and Freedom Prayer Network to help provide information and prayer to leaders in the community and our Nation. They are part of the Council of National Policy who are conservatives dedicated to networking together to create solutions for the love of our country.

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