“Kent’s business experience and conservative values make him the best choice for House District 30.”
– Pam Peterson
Former House Majority Floor Leader

Awarded the “AQ” Rating by the NRA – the Highest Grade Awarded to Non-Incumbents!

“Kent Glesener is a Christian businessman who is running for the GOP nomination for House District 30 in Sapulpa. Glesener has a long history of supporting conservative, Christian causes.

Kent Glesener is a man of his word.

He is running because Rep. Mark Lawson, R-Sapulpa, voted for those tax increases despite running as a fiscal conservative.

Glesener’s expertise as an engineer and successful businessman is what the state needs to rein in wasteful state agencies and enact meaningful reform.

Like President Trump, Glesener will wade through the politics and “drain the swamp” in Oklahoma City.

Kent Glesener is not running because he needs a job. He is running because of his conviction that Christians need to be involved in politics and that leaders should be held true to their commitments.

The Tulsa Beacon strongly supports Kent Glesener for state representative in the GOP primary in House District 30 in Creek County.”

Thank you to Ok Conservative Pac for your backing of my race as the Conservative candidate! The incumbent scored a 43% (F-rating) on the Conservative scorecard. Polls open at 7am in your local precinct – I would be honored to have your vote to work for our district!
“Before you were formed in the womb knew you…” I am 100% pro-life from conception to natural death. Thank you to Oklahomans for Life for the opportunity to share my pro-life stands, and for the 100% survey ranking!
“Kent Glesener is a strong businessman who manages all his affairs with Integrity. He knows the challenges facing small business and will be a solid conservative voice for in House district 30. In times like these we need leadership that can find solutions and set our state on the right path for success. Join me in supporting Republican Kent Glesener for District 30.” -Dan Newberry

Kent has always had a great love for God, his country and his state. He has supported candidates who stood for moral and ethical values. He and his wife Christie have financially supported humanitarian works here and abroad . They have worked particularly helping Holocaust survivors return to Israel and have given support once they settled there through their ministry Shofar International Foundation. I have witnessed this personally in Israel.
They have supported events and efforts to bring moral principles back into our society here in America. Kent has demonstrated integrity as a businessman. He has also been a man of strength to correct what needs to be corrected. Like the saying goes He walks softly but carries a big stick. He has discernment and compassion in whatever he does. He is known as a man of faith, wisdom.and principle. I highly recommend him as a state representative in our government. -Sharon Daugherty